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Tournaments will:

1) Fish with 1 or 2 person max per boat
2)Pay 3 places & Lunker with $5 from each boat entry fee to the lunker pool. Prize for forth.  Except Silver lake there is no lunker award.
3)Have sign ups from 6:00 to 6:45
4)Run from 7:00 to 3:00
5) Require livewells be checked
6)Use cell phone time as official time
7)Idle takeoff at 6:55 but not to exceed 5mph until 7:00.


1)Expect good sportsmanship to be practiced at all times
2)Encourage the use of life jackets
3)Allow the use of artificial lures only
4)Allow the use of 1 rod at a time per competitor
5)Require that life jackets be worn when boats are operated at up-on-plane speeds
6)Require all lake and safe boating laws be followed
7)Every contestant is responsible for his/her own insurance coverage.


1)Deduct weight at 1lb per minute late for all late boats unless a mechanical problem is reported to the tournament director before 3:00
2)Deduct 1/2 lb per expired fish in limit
3)Expired fish will not be eligible for lunker
4)Penalize a team 1 pound who culls at the scales
5)Penalize a team 1 pound  who brings a short fish to the scales and remove Fish.
6)Have a 5 fish 12" minimum limit for bass for all regular season Tournaments
7)Break any ties with place money added together and split evenly  except  first  which  lunker  would  decide  plaques  but  money  still  split  evenly.
8)The weigh-in will begin approximately 5-10 minutes after tournament hours. Call or tell another contestant if you cannot make the weigh-in or expect to be more than one-half hour late. Failure to notify the Tournament Director by some appropriate means will be cause for disqualification.
9)The Tournament Director’s decision is final at each event. Any and all complaints against another contestant must be filed before the end of the weigh-in. No complaints will be heard or acted upon thereafter. 

Team championship

Cost is 100 to be eligible.  A primary person must be chosen and that person finish is how points are calculated.  A Substitute co anglers is  allowed only one time after that must fish alone to be Eligible for points.  There are 6 points tournaments and angler chooses one event to drop.  Payout is 100% with number of places paid based on entrants. Angler can not start receiving points until fee is paid.     

Silver lake Slam is a 20 boat tournament max 300 entry 1st pays 3000 2nd pays 2000 3rd pays 900 4th prize sign ups will be February 9th.  Call 607-426-9978