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Little Lake was up to its usual grinder ways on Saturday, with more than half the teams not weighing fish, light bags, and only one fish over three pounds coming across the scales. Still, even on the tough days, somebody has to win, and Van Patton teamed up with Tim Keener and put together a nice 12.54lb bag to pull off another win as a follow up with his victory on Keuka last weekend. That is what we call a good week of fishing! Great job guys!

We now have a month off from the FLO opens to recharge and come back hard for a few late season tournaments!!! See everyone in a few weeks for some fun Fall time fishing!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Kautzt86@yahoo.com or call/text 607-227-5937 Thank you. - Tucker Kautz
Finger Lakes Open Bass Tournaments
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