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The largemouth bite was hot on Keuka last weekend with green fish filling the top three bags. Mike Minier and Nick Solometo dialed them to a T and topped the 34 boat field with a massive 23.52lb sack of green toads. These two can really rack up the weight out there on Keuka!  Overall we saw many nice bags Saturday with 11 boats breaking the 15lbs mark.

See everyone at Cayuga in two weeks we are going out of the north end state park in Seneca Falls.

With the large turnouts of boats this year, there will be a change in how we will be blasting off boats in the Finger Lakes Open Tournaments. Boats will be blasted off in heats of fifteen boats, fifteen seconds apart, based on when you sign up on the board. The tournament director will always be the last one to blast off. Weigh in time will still be 3pm sharp for everyone. Also, one more rule change - lifejackets must be worn by all participants while the boat is up-on-plane speeds (not when idling). Just working on making things a bit safer out there for all of us! Thank You!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kautzt86@yahoo.com or call/text 607-227-5937 Thank you. - Tucker
Finger Lakes Open Bass Tournaments
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