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High winds and rain kept things cold and choppy all day out on Canadaigua Lake today. Regardless of the poor weather, some very nice fish were brought to the scales, Alex Kolody and his teammate Tom sacked up heavy 19.22lb winning bag of largemouth, showing that this lake can still kick out some weight even after last years fish die of. Great bag guys!

A light boat turnout today seems par for the course for open tournaments on Canandaigua over the last two years, but it seems like most guys still showing up and fishing the lake are reporting good numbers of largemouth caught. Hopefully the lake will continue to improve over the next few years, and maybe some nice smallmouth will start showing up at the scales again.

On a side note, my dry erase leaderboard blew over(again!) after weigh in and it got wet and smudged some of the total weights, and I deciphered them as best I could for my webpage results, but if you see any errors on my results page feel free to email/text and Ill get it fixed!

See you guys Owasco in two weeks, if you have never been to that lake you are missing out because it is an awesome fishery!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Kautzt86@yahoo.com or call/text 607-227-5937 Thank you. - Tucker Kautz
Finger Lakes Open Bass Tournaments
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